E.G.A.I.T. Tool

This project aims to use an open source AI to track emotional responses in speech to provide an additional layer of data collection to use when playtesting games. This feedback is highly valuable, and if we could take advantage of the extra layer of data collection and analysis that an AI could provide, game designers could have a better indicator of how players feel while playing, commenting, or simply giving feedback on your game. The only extra steps required would be recording playtesting sessions, and putting them through the EGAIT Tool.

The backbone of this project is the AI being used, Vokaturi. This AI was chosen because it is open source, and has no cost to use. The AI is doing the processing, and as a designer I am creating a readable format for this data rather than just looking at the numbers or values of emotion. The things that will be tracked are the most dominant emotion, the second most dominant emotion, and the least dominant emotion.


Image of Prototype